It’s Flimflam

<quote from Real Faith & Reason, vol 2>

Well, the ungodly scientists say that they know the age of these rocks but not by observation. They know because the age fits their overall story about how the earth came into existence. We know storytelling can’t prove anything. So they tell a story that “proves” the age of the rocks, and then they test radiometric dating against the story. They haven’t validated against something they observed. Instead, they compared the radiometric dating method’s results against their biased expectations.

They’ll also point out that dating methods must be tested on several samples, discarding the results that don’t match the expected age. But that’s not science. It’s flimflam. If we tested the Law of Gravity, and every fifth time an object floated in the air, we wouldn’t have the Law of Gravity as we know it. Fortunately, we test the Law of Gravity by observing, and observation confirms the Law of Gravity. Radiometric dating methods fail when tested on rocks of known age.

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