The Dating Methods Aren’t Validated

<quote from Real Faith & Reason, vol 2>

Ungodly scientists will often say that a few missed predictions don’t invalidate an entire dating method, but this argument misses the point entirely. The point isn’t about something invalidating the radiometric dating methods. The point is that no one validated the dating methods in the first place. No one can. Show us how we can test these methods and show these methods to yield the correct results consistently on rocks of known age. Otherwise, show another method that involves actual observation rather than made-up stuff. Some ungodly scientists claim that they have validated the dating methods, but they’ll give examples of rocks of unknown age. They tested these rocks of unknown age and estimated them to be about as old as they had expected them to be. Their expectations were based on how old they want the earth to be. That’s not validation. That’s circular reasoning.

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