Naturalism is a Form of Atheism

Naturalism is a form of atheism.
<quote from Real Faith & Reason>
Naturalism is obvious. [To whom is it obvious and why?]
No one at the university follows any other way of thinking. [Bandwagon and marginalizing fallacies prove nothing.]
We must base science on naturalism, or all progress would cease. [An appeal to consequence fallacy based on an assertion contrary to fact provides phantom support for the axiom of naturalism.]
These are just three examples of defending naturalism with smokescreens. We may run into name-calling or summary dismissal. Some people use credentials as proof. Not only those, but hundreds of other smokescreen fallacies exist, and we’ll face them all. These smokescreens pretend that naturalism is more than an axiomatic thinking fallacy.
</end quote>
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