Godless Thinking is Ultimately Baseless

<quote from Real Faith & Reason>
Naturalism is a bare claim, but smokescreens make it harder to detect the fact that naturalism is an irrational bare claim. Smokescreens fog up the difference between good and evil, truth and error, or reality and make-believe. Since evolutionists must use naturalism as a starting assumption, they call it “an axiom of science” to make it seem more real. Of course, it’s easy to see how the word “axiom” sounds so much better than “made-up stuff.” The word “axiom” is a euphemism. Resorting to this euphemism is a smokescreen fallacy. If reasoning depends on naturalism, it depends on a premise that isn’t true. That’s why appeal to naturalism is a fallacy. The same is true of appeal to materialism and appeal to uniformitarianism. These aren’t proved, and we know, by revelation, that they’re false.

Besides the smokescreens already mentioned, deceptive persuaders may disguise their assumptions with misleading labeling. They might label the assumptions deceptively using terms like “knowledge,” “settled science,” or “rational thought.” We must guard our minds against these deceptions since disguising assumptions makes it hard to tell the difference between supposition and reality. We’ve seen this fallacy in rationalized theology just as we’ve seen it in rationalized speculations about the history of the earth. To rationalize isn’t rational, but it lacks rationality. It’s too bad these two words, “rational” and “rationalize,” sound similar. However, before we complete our journey, we’ll fully understand that rationalizing is trying to make irrationality seem rational. It’s trying to make insanity appear sane.
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