No Fallacies

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When we aren’t ashamed of Jesus and as we confess Christ before others, we can avoid fallacies.

Christian: “The Bible says God exists.”

Questioner: “But how can you be sure the Bible is God’s word?”

Christian: “I know Jesus Christ, and He reveals this fact to me.”

We note that what God shows us isn’t proof to anyone other than us. However, God often reveals Himself to another person through us, and He gives proof to that person by showing Himself through us. And at times, God reveals Himself to a person through the Bible and gives proof to that person in that way. God’s revelation is always proof, and this proof is always between God and the person God is leading, teaching, or correcting. Those who are sincere can test this way of knowing. To test it, they merely have to come humbly and sincerely to Christ and ask Christ about it. If they do, He’ll reveal Himself to them by one of His ways, and usually by many of His ways for confirmation.

We could go on to explain how disbelievers can know Christ and how Christ is willing to reveal Himself to them. Since they have access to this revelation, they don’t have to take our word for it. As we witness, we don’t want to be timid like Peter was before he received power from on high. We don’t want to be afraid to admit that we know Christ. Without knowing Him, fallacy (making up stuff and smokescreens) would be our only choice. Thankfully, we can stay out of this trap.
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