On Being Reasonable


Deceived people deceive people.

It’s easier to talk about being reasonable than to be reasonable. We can talk about sanity without knowing the difference between reality and make-believe. People with advanced degrees often don’t understand either logic or epistemology. Oh, they can name various fallacies. They know the names of different types of syllogisms. They can repeat the definitions someone told them, but they don’t understand the basis of knowledge. They don’t know the reason fallacies are fallacies or the way to know the truth. But their teachers told them that they’re storehouses of knowledge, rational thought, and every virtue. Unfortunately, their teachers inoculated them against the truth. The simple aspects of truth and reason we’ve looked into so far will seem like nonsense to a person hardened and blinded by continual ungodly thinking. However, as we proceed on our journey, we’ll examine in detail why no one can think rationally without divine revelation.

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The meme depicts a typical trained critical thinker with mind closed, attitude twisted, and an irrational argument in his hand. Without Christ, that’s all that’s available.

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