Without Christ, We Can Know Nothing

<quote from Real Faith & Reason>

While thinking based on made-up stuff may provide intellectual freedom, it’s not sane, and while escaping from sanity may be exhilarating, sanity is important. As a result, sound reason still requires a true premise. No one can rationally use an unproven premise to prove a conclusion. Otherwise, how could we know whose made-up stuff to use as a premise?

Is it the one who’s the most violent?

Is it the one with control of the media and schools?

Is it the one who controls scientific funding and the scientific journals?

Is it the one who can kill all who disagree?

Is it the one with the best persuasive skills?

Is it the one with the money to create the best presentation?

Are there some other criteria to decide whose made-up stuff will be the correct made-up stuff?

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